How to identify the best Hydrogen generating equipment

Posted by Dr Sircus

Published April 03, 2019

The most important factor in differentiating the different hydrogen generating machines is by the gas they put out. There are either pure hydrogen inhalers or the type I favor, which are machines that put out both hydrogen and oxygen. Combining the gases is better meaning the results you will achieve will be faster and more profound. The gases belong with each other. Hydrogen and oxygen are mates, soul mates in fact, which we can easily see in water. The world is full of hydrogen and oxygen and so are our bodies.

From a medical point of view in the future it makes more sense for ambulences, emergency and ICU departments to switch over to oxygen and hydrogen machines for one of the principle properties of hydrogen is to make oxygen safe. Hydrogen makes oxygen less toxic. There are actually studies that show that when hospitals prescribe oxygen that its toxic effects are telling on patient outcomes. Add hydrogen and you get pure healing power added to its oxygen made safe property.

When it comes to health, and using hydrogen at home, it makes sense to purchase a hydrogen oxygen generator. Just about everyone needs more oxygen these days so one might as well as satisfy both needs, the need for more oxygen and the need for hydrogen the best fuel and antioxidant in the universe.

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